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The personal and engaged film

This year has been a most rewarding one for the Norwegian documentary film. Half of the total of 14 films in cinematic distribution are documentaries.

Whereas last year's box office hit Cool & Crazy paved the way for a larger number of documentaries than usual, last year's feature film success Elling has not had the same effect. With six feature films, we face the same modest total number as last year. In addition to those six, we find the animated feature Karlsson on the Roof, one of two films made for children and young adults this year.

The new wave of documentaries on the silver screen is distinguished by their personal subjects and involvement. While Margreth Olin lets us in on her own and her surroundings' relation to her body in My Body and Even Benestad invites us as flies on the wall to his relationship with his father, Piotr Kuzinski's The Smile in The Eye and Trond Kvist's Welcome Home can easily be read as engaged statements on the ongoing debates on drugs and immigration.

The feature films also add to this picture of personal and engaged films. Trygve A. Diesen's Hold My Heart and Utopia (various directors) address subjects from the current public debate each in their own way.

The involvement of this year's films also seems to have affected the Norwegian film community. The fiery debate on and in other media for the past few months proves that the temperature is higher and that the engagement is more visible than for years. Made in Norway takes this into account and wishes you welcome to a two-day seminar in which film directors, producers, script writers, journalists and bureaucrats meet for discussions and exchange of opinions.

The audience numbers for 2002 are far removed from the all-time high of last year. On the second day of the seminar, Friday November 22nd, we will look deeper into the mechanisms of marketing and distribution. Producers, directors, distributors and journalists will meet in a seminar focusing on how to market Norwegian films successfully.

Made in Norway is the annual seminar for Norwegian feature films in cinematic distribution. Interesting lecturers from both Norway and abroad will discuss and evaluate the various films individually. The10th Made in Norway seminar is held at Filmens Hus, Dronningensgt. 16, on Thursday November 21st and Friday November 22nd, 10 - 17 hrs. Welcome!

This year's Norwegian films in cinematic distribution will be screened during the festival.

Please note that the seminar is held in Norwegian.

Joachim Frivold
Made in Norway, 01.11.02

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