Hong Kong, 2001, 111 min.
Directed by:
Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow, Ng Man Tat, Vicki Zhao, Patrick Tse Yin, Li Hui

Miramax International
F: +1 212 941 3949

Get ready for a VERY unusual soccer film! Stephen Chow’s sensational comedy success from last year is a warmhearted and sidesplittingly funny film that should appeal to everyone – regardless of one’s appreciation (or lack thereof) of soccer!
Sing is a young and adept kung fu-practitioner of the traditional Shaolin school. He sees the need for kung fu in everyday life, but despite his optimism has little luck in getting people to join his school as students. However, a chance meeting with down-on-his-luck soccer coach “Golden Leg” Fung turns his life upside down. Fung was a celebrated soccer player twenty years ago, until his leg was badly injured in an arranged soccer accident. Now he’s just a shadow of himself, a rundown soccer coach without a job. But in Sing he sees the potential for something great, and together they track down Sing’s old Shaolin brothers and form a soccer team unlike anything the world has ever seen. Success is inevitable and the gloves are off. Fung, Sing and the others challenge Fung’s old boss and his team – the man once responsible for Fung’s injury…
Shaolin Soccer is of course nothing but silly nonsense from beginning to end, but what delightful nonsense it is! The film quite literally bursts with energy and joy, and it’s very, very hard to resist the charm of these high-flying, hard-kicking soocer monks. In other words the perfect film for cold winter nights!

Stephen Chow was born in Shanghai in 1962 and started his career in show business at the TV station TVB, first starting out as a children’s program host in 1983. He debuted as an actor in 1988 with the film Final Justice. Since then he has added over fifty films to his resume and is today without doubt Hong Kong’s most popular comedy actor. In 1994 he expanded his talents to scriptwriting and directing, and after having co-directed a number of his greatest hits, he has finally taken completely control of the director’s chair. Selected filmography: From Beijing With Love (1994), Forbidden City Cop (1996), The God of Cookery (1996), King of Comedy (1999).
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