Norway, 2002, 84 min.
Directed by:
Gunnar Vikene

Kristoffer Joner, Maria Bonnevie, Kim Bodnia, Hildegun Riise, Endre Hellestveit, Bjørn Sundquist, Gitte Jørgensen, Min Min Tun

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The anxious and angst-ridden Reidar awaits The Great Apocalypse and to be hit by a meteor at Sollihøgda psychiatric ward. It is two days before Christmas Eve and Reidar has to save the world. Most of all, he wishes to save his fellow patient Juni from death, but Juni is not certain if she wants to be saved.
Reidar and Juni are surrounded by a colourful cast, including an impotent psychiatrist, a senile mother, a taxi driver turned gigolo and hustler, and an illegal immigrant desperately seeking permanent status as a refugee. Add a strong dose of the most powerful fireworks in the world and a gas station without insurance and time is a limited resource. After all, everybody wants to go home for Christmas, don't they?

Falling Sky is Gunnar Vikenes feature film debut. He has previously directed numerous commercials, shorts and documentaries. He also wrote the script for and co-produced the documentary Boomerang (Trond Kvist, 1995).
Oslo Kino

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