(Film concerts at Oslo Konserthus (210/195,-) MANDATORY FESTIVAL PASS NOK 30,- (Except at Oslo Konserthus) Members of Cinemateket can use their card at Filmens Hus, and Klingenberg 2 (Kjellerklubben). The screenings at Klingenberg 2 accepts Festival Card, Cinematek Card og Kjellerklubb Card. Cinema Neuf accepts membership cards.

Tickets to all screenings aexcept to Oslo Konserthus and Klingenberg 2 are sold at Filmens Hus Thursday and Friday,7-8. November from 12.00-21.00. Sunday 10. November from 17.00-21.00. Monday 11. November from 12.00-17.00. From tuesday November 12th until the end of the festival between 12.00 and 21.00 or till last screening starts.

Festival passes are sold at all venues, as well as Saga cinema.

Tickets to screenings at Tancred and Lillebil can only be bought at Filmens Hus.

Tickets for Soria Moria and Klingeberg 2, can be booked on tlf. nr.: 820 30 001 (10.00-22.00) and can be bought at all Oslo Kinematograferīs cinemas from Monday November 12th.

Tickets for Rockefeller can be bought 1/2 hour prior to screenings at the theatre, or at Filmens Hus.

Tickets for the Film concerts at Oslo Konserthus: 210/195,- Booking at tlf. 23 11 60 60, or Billettservice, or at the Post Offices.


Screenings at Rockefeller: 18 years minimum.

Tickets only valid for the time and venue printed on ticket. Tickets are non-refundable. Festival passes must be displayed to buy tickets, and to enter halls, except Oslo Konserthus. Lost passes are not refunded.

The festival reserves the right to change the program of the festival.

Cinema Neuf
Filmens Hus Lillebil
Filmens Hus Tancred
Klingenberg 2 (Kjellerklubben)
Oslo Konserthus
Soria Moria 1
Soria Moria 2